Affiliates know exactly how much they will earn for each conversion, each Lead or each sale, and are focused on generating the highest number of possible leads. Our campaigns will not only generate leads to the offer that the advertiser generates, but they will also bring a great impact on your brand through the display of your ad through our campaigns.

Our relationship with the best ad channels, traffic sources on the internet, allows your product to be displayed via our campaigns to the best potential clients for your product.


Our affiliates have extensive market experience


With our affiliates you will be able to generate a high turnover


We guarantee the best traffic to your offers.


Our affiliates work with the best traffic networks in all kinds of niches


Complete platform for you to monitor your campaigns and your sales.


The C2 CPA Network has the industry's best tracking platform for you to monitor your sales.


The best way for you to scale your campaigns and increase revenue.


With high flow of traffic of our affiliates, you will have scalability in sales of your offers.

We carefully select our affiliates guaranteeing the best quality traffic to your campaigns, and the best results. Contact us today and explain details of your product.
We use the best tracking technology (click tracking) available on the internet. After being approved to our network, you will be able to track with accuracy all clicks and conversions generated during the campaign.
Get access to the best affiliates and professionals who understand the dissemination on the internet. A selected group of affiliates will send traffic to your campaigns via search engines, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, exposing your product and your brand into a super targeted and qualified audience.

Why choose us?

  • We focus on bringing the best results for our affiliates.
  • Brazilian company offering payments via bank deposit or paypal.
  • We have the best platform on the market, with the latest tracking technology.
  • The best selected campaigns that guarantee top conversion rates.
  • We have collected the best market campaigns and we are always looking for new options.

What our clients say?

The C2 CPA Network is an excellent alternative to the affiliate market in Brazil. Your CPA offers offer the best conversion rates in the market.

Vinicius Horta